The Best Site of Famous paintings Around the World-About My World

The Best Site of Famous paintings Around the World-
ABOUT My World :
My World is a painting blog site where we are trying to gather not only world famous paintings,also the paintings which are unknown but should known to all by My World.
I love paintings and its one of my hobby.I was searching some of my favourite paintings but i forgot the painter's name.So i thought i will make a blog which is my world that will consist maximum Famous paintings around the world.So now I am including in my world ,Worlds Most Famous painters and Famous paintings of them.I have already collected  paintings of Pablo piccasso,Leonardo da Vinci,Vincent van Gogh,Dante Gabriel Rossetti and,Albert Bierstadt, Ralph Blacklock,caroline anderson, adolphe-bougueau,Paul cezanne,Racovskiy Necolay ,Odilon Rendon,Lord Frederic
Leighton,and Mughal paintings of mughal era in india. more than 40 painters and sortly their biography.i know that it will be helpful the finder to know about their favourit painter I have made six categories in my world .those are-Famous paintings,paintings of nature,Indian paintings ,romantic paintings,my paintings and about my world.
As i've said before paintings or painted releted things that i love most ,so  here i am also posting some drawings of my self-made in my paintings;for giving it (my world) my identity.
I try to Collect the clear images of the paintings,And also give some information of the painters.It will be my great pleasure If my precious visitors got a little drop of help from visit my blog my world.

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