Ralph Albert Blakelock-great romantic painter of 19th century,Ralph Albert Blakelock's paintings

One of the best painter of 19th century Ralph Albert Blakelock was born 15 October ,1847.At the age of 17years,Ralph Albert Blakelock got admitted Free Academy of the City of New York (present name City College) for becoming a physician.
But in time Ralph A. Blakelock understood ,this is not the way he want to go.So ,Ralph A. Blakelock said goodbye to his college and formal education.After this,self-taught painter Ralph A. Blakelock started traveling the west of America,where he experienced the life-style of the American Indians.And Ralph A. Blakelock also observed the nature closely so,it inspired him to paint the master piece of his paintings 'Twilight'.Ralph A. Blakelock ,highly romantic painter, mostly painted mysterious night scenes.and the way Ralph A. Blakelock painted it was new that time,and now it is taken a style of painting night scene.

At first , Ralph A. Blakelock 's painting does not get attraction to the observer.So,in great depression Ralph A. Blakelock  passed many years in absolute poverty.And Ralph A. Blakelock's brain  was attacked  by a mental disorder ; schizophrenia where he thought himself as a very rich man.When the condition got worse Ralph A. Blakelock was send to the psychiatric hospital,And other side Ralph A. Blakelock work was getting recognition.After few years in 1915,a reporter named Harrison Smith,was informed about  Ralph A. Blakelock by a women who was a fan of Ralph A. Blakelock.So the reporter talked to the hospital director.they release Ralph A. Blakelock where Harrison Smith give the responsibility of legal guardian to the woman who informed him about Ralph A. Blakelock.
Here Ralph A. Blakelock  painted continuously before his death at the age of 71, on August 9, in 1919.

Some of  Ralph A. Blakelock 's oil canvas paintings are showing below :
*widescr_Ralph blakelock,
*Twilight by Ralph A. Blakelock,
*Moonlight-1-Ralph  A.Blakelock,
*Sunset by Ralph Albert Blakelock,
*Twilight-ii by Ralph Albert Blakelock,
*Moonlight-2 by Ralph Albert Blakelock,
*cloudy day by Ralph Albert Blakelockock,
*Home of the guide by  Ralph Albert Blakelockock,
*Indian encampment by Ralph Albert Blakelockock,
*painting 1-by Ralph Albert Blakelockock,
*Ralph A. Blakelock Sylvan Brook,
*Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_a Cottage with Cows  watering,
*Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_moonlit night,
*Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_moonlit night.3,
*The Old Mill 2 by Ralph A. Blakelock,
*The Old Mill 2 by Ralph A. Blakelock,
*thumbnails by Ralph A.Blakelock
*The-golden-hour by Ralph A. Blakelock
widescr_Ralph blakelock

Twilight by Ralph A. Blakelock

Moonlight-1-Ralph  A.Blakelock

Sunset by Ralph Albert Blakelock
twilight-ii by Ralph Albert Blakelock

moonlight-2 by Ralph Albert Blakelock




cloudy day by Ralph Albert Blakelockock

home of the guide by  Ralph Albert Blakelockock

indian encampment by Ralph Albert Blakelockock

painting 1-by Ralph Albert Blakelockock

Ralph A. Blakelock Sylvan Brook

Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_a Cottage with Cows  watering


Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_moonlit night

Ralph_Albert_Blakelock_moonlit night.3

The Old Mill 2 by Ralph A. Blakelock

the-golden-hour by Ralph A. Blakelock

thumbnails by Ralph A.Blakelock

Twilight by Ralph A. Blakelock