Camille Pissarro-frence painter//last works of Camille Pissarro

Camille jacob pissarro:In his older age Pissarro suffered form a recurring eye infection that prevented him from working outdoors except in warm weather.But this disablity couldn't stop him .From that time he started painting outdoor scenes sitting by the window of different hotels as Rouen,Paris,Le Havre and Dieppe.he always choose the upper level rooms of the hotel for getting the broad view.
The_Boulevard_Montmartre_on_a_sunny day: Camille pissarro 

The_Boulevard_Montmartre_on_a_Winter_Morning: Camille pissarro 

The_Boulevard_Montmartre_on_a_rainy day: Camille pissarro 

d bassin des tuileries-afternoon,sun-1900:Camille pissarro

tuileries garden,morning 1900: Camille pissarro 

Quai Malaquais,Sunny afternoon 1903:Camille pissarro

route de Berneval -le-Pett 1900:Camille pissarro

The garden of the hotel Berneval 1900:Camille pissarro

the raised terrace of the pont -neuf 1902:Camille pissarro

afternoon,sun,d inner Horbor,Diepper 1902:Camille pissarro

Horbor at Dieppw 1902:Camille pissarro

Pont_Boieldieu_in_Rouen,_Rainy_Weather:Camille pissarro

port of le havre 1903:Camille pissarro

Roses of nice-1902:Camille pissarro

still life with a coffe pot 1900:Camille pissarro

the inner port and pilot's jetty ,Le Havre 1903:Camille pissarro

The Port of Dieppe;the Duquesne and Berrigny-1902:Camille pissarro

the port of Le Havre,1903:CamillePissarro