Camille Pissarro-one of d' best painter of 19th century.

Camille Pissarro: Self-portrait 1903

Camille pissarro:garden at Pont

Camille pissarro:green medow

Camille pissarro:the harvest

  Recolte-des-Foins: Camille pissarro

recolte-des-foins  : Camille pissarro

gray weather,morning,Eragny-1899: Camille pissarro

Cezanne_orchard_cote_saint-denis_pontois: Camille pissarro

a medow in Moret 1901: Camille pissarro


street with tree:  Camille pissarro:

Washer-women study : Camille pissarro 

forest sreet:Camille pissarro  
Le_verger_(The_Orchard),_1872 :Camille pissarro 

paysage_sous_bois_a_hermitage_sixth_state_of_six_1879 :Camille pissarro 

Old_Chelsea_Bridge: Camille pissarro 

village street: Camille pissarro 

sunny day: Camille pissarro 

paysage_en_long_third_state_of_three_1879 :Camille pissarro 

after the rain,autumn,Eragny 1901: Camille pissarro 

d Dunes at knocke,Belgiun,1894: Camille pissarro 

kitchen garden at Eragny,afternoon 1901: Camille pissarro 

village scene:Camille pissarro

sunny day: Camille pissarro

orchard: Camille pissarro 

medow :Camille pissarro  

autumn:Camille pissarro  

the_banks_of_the_marne_at_chennevi√®res_1864: Camille pissarro 

the_cote_des_boeufs_at_l_hermitage_detail_000: Camille pissarro 

Vegetable garden in Eragny,morning 1901:Camille pissarro  
Camille Pissarro(10 July 1830 – 13 November 1903) was a Danish painter and one of the famous impressionist who born in July 10 in 1830 in Virgin Island.
He took his study in Paris and London and became a permanent resident of France.he is re-known by his great contribution to both Impression and Post impression.In 1873 , the exhibation named 'impression' of 15 artists hold.It had been insulted so much that time for their new style of art.With other 14 artists as Renoir,Cezanne,Gauguin,Vincent Van gohg;Camille Pissarro established a society for impressionist artist.they all encouraged each other for their works.they all gathered in a small cafe and disscused about their works.In that time Pissarro's economic condition was very poor,but in time now each paintings is cost millions.In his older age Pissarro suffered form a recurring eye infection that prevented him from working outdoors except in warm weather.But this disablity couldn't stop him .From that time he started painting outdoor scenes sitting by the window of different hotels as Rouen,Paris,Le Havre and Dieppe.he always choose the upper level rooms of the hotel for getting the broad view.
At the age of 73 on 13 November 1903,Camille Pissarro died.Now he is recognized one of the best painter of 19th century.