Christina’s World by andrew_wyeth and about Andrew Wyeth

Christina’s World, 1948
Christina's World is the most famous painting of Andrew Newell Wyeth.Christina Olson who...
was a neibor of Andrew Wyeth was suffering a unknown disease.That cost her inability of walking and her passtime was sitting on the field arround her house.Andrew Wyeth saw her regular from his window and he was inspired by christina's strugle against her inability.But this painting represent not only christina's world,it represent now the inability of humanity against war,corruption and many diseases of society.

Helga series was done by Andrew Wyeth which packed up with nearly 250 paintings.

American painter Andrew Wyeth was born  on 12 July 1917 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.he born in a well-known family.Andrew wyeth's father N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945) was an well known ilastrator.But Andrew wyeth was successfull by his own style and art.after leading a celibrity life Andrew wyeth died on 16 January 2009 in the age of 91.

Andrew wyeth was one of the best and talented painter of 20th century.The reknown paintings of Andrew Wyeth are below-
*Helga series by Andrew Wyeth
*Christina's World(1948) by Andrew Wyeth
* The Trodden Weed (1951) by Andrew Wyeth,
* Tenant Farmer (1961) by Andrew Wyeth,
*April Wind (1952) by Andrew Wyeth,
* Indian Summer (1970)by Andrew Wyeth and many other.