Famous paintings of famous painters-lost paintings

Famous paintings- curter of a village

Famous paintings- famous painters: Famous paintings are the precious thing.But how a painting became famous.I have noticed one thing that famous paintings are not always beautiful.Actually,it is the painters fame which made any painting famous.For an example ,Claude Monet or impressionist painter
who were firstly treated very cruelly for their newly style,were rewarded after getting some famous.their first life was always in poverty.and other hand they was recognised in their old age or after death.So,a painters greatness depend largely after their odiance,who will make it famous.For this reason we forgot many painters and their paintings although they are very beautiful paintings,having the most artistic theme.

Here i am presenting some paintings which are unknown to me now,cause i found these paintings without having the painters name.They may very famous painters or not but i am posting the paintings as the great paintings of my collection. But if any of my visitors know about the painters please let me know about it.I will love to admit it.

Famous paintings- river bank with the girls

Famous paintings-  girl in the sunrise

Famous paintings- girl at the sun-set

Famous paintings-  Princes and the knight

Famous paintings-girl in the moshlin