Great artist Paul Cezanne,Paul Cezanne:founder of mordern cubism,Post-impressioninst Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne:Paul Cezanne was born on 19 January in 1839,in Aix-en-Provence, France who died on 22 Οctober in 1906,in the same place. French painter;Paul Cezanne, one of the founders of modern cubism. In 1859 he entered the law school but after two years in 1861 Paul Cezanne went to study art in Paris. Critics have denounced the work exhibited at the Salon des refuses (1863), but Paul Cezanne insisted. Connected with the Impressionists, sets them in 1874 and 1877.Paul Cezanne used colour on his canvous brilliently . In late 1870 Paul Cezanne broke with the Impressionists, for his own radically new way of representing the same time exploring deep space and flat design, and later Paul Cezanne work is often described as "post-impressionist. From 1890 to 1905 produced heads, one after the other changes in the landscape of Mont Sainte-Victoire, three versions of Boy in red vest, countless images of still life, nude swimmers and order. Public reception on his first solo exhibition (1895) was cool, but is slowly gaining momentum. Paul Cezanne work is an important source of inspiration for cubist painter Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.Famous painter Paul Cezanne's some special works are showing below:
Paul_Cézanne_Knabe mit roter Weste-boy in a red wastecoat 1888-89

Paul_Cézanne_Das Haus mit geborstenen Wänden

Paul_Cézanne_Porträt der Mme Cézanne im Gewächshaus

Paul_Cézanne_Fastnacht 1888


-Paul_Cézanne- L'Estaque mit roten Dächern 1883-85


-Paul_Cézanne_Maison Maria am Weg zum Château Noir 1895

Paul_Cézanne_Straße vor dem Gebirge Sainte-Victoire

-Paul_Signac,_Grand_Canal_(Venise) 1905

Paul_Cézanne_Kastanienbäume im Jas de Bouffan  1885-87

763px-Paul_Cézanne_Stilleben mit offener Schublade  1877-1879


782px-Paul_Cézanne_Château Noir 1900-1904


800px-Cézanne,_Paul_-_Still_Life_with_a_Curtain  1895


800px-Paul_Cézanne_Fluß bei der Brücke der drei Quellen 1906

800px-Paul_Cézanne_Mühle am Fluß 1900-06


Paul Cezanne-Jas_de_bouffan 1876

Paul_Cézanne_Mont Sainte-Victoire 1885-87

Paul_Cézanne_Montagne Sainte-Victoire, von Bellevue aus gesehen 1882-85

Paul_Cézanne-the bla ck marbel clock 1869-1871