Whitler's another two works

Symphony in White (The little white girl-1884)

Another lonely day

by Griselda Adame

The moment I awake the same hope begins
The hope for a call or a letter
And even though I still have several months to wait
There's always the miraculous hope of hearing
"Beautifull I'm finally coming home"
And with that another lonely day begins
The mornings are difficult
Even while getting dressed
My eyes begin to tear
As I'm looking at my soldiers faded jeans
Hanging next to his army green
My car rides are quite and lonely
While memories race through my head
Remembering all the fun we had
Yes the days are hard
When you don't have your soldier by your side
But it's the nights that shattter your heart
And make you cry
As I lay in bed i reach out my hand
To caress where u laid
And let our memories take me away
That's when lonliness starts piercing
And has its way
My heart pounds so rough
Causing it to ache
And with every throb my chest explodes with pain
Suffocating all the strength left in me
My stomach feels brutally stabbed and beat
From the agonizing pain of emptiness
My soul bleedes in torment
As it seeks for your delicate touch
Burning tears run down my face
While I clench your pillow
And bury my face
Wishing I can feel your embrace
Soon tears run dry
And I quitely sigh
Telling myself to hold strong
Because my love misses me just as much
Be brave and don't give in
Soon this will all be a nightmare
That my love will kiss away.