Body Fluid: fluids in the body and fluid tissue

Body Fluid information, fluids in the body and fluid tissue Body Fluid

Body fluid is one of the main content of body. We will discuss about it bellow-

Body fluid organization of human body:
Water: 60% of body weight (varies from 45-75%).
Protein: 18% of body weight.
Fat: 15% of body weight.
Minerals: 7% of body weight.

Distribution of water:
(1) Fluid which found in intracellular fluid compartments (55%) of cell is called Intracellular Fluid (ICF).
(2) Fluid which found in extra cellular fluid compartment (45 %) of cell is called Extra Cellular Fluid (ICF).

Extra Cellular Fluid found in interstitial tissue fluid and lymph about 75%and also in plasma vessels, bones, dense connective tissue like cartilage, transcellular fluid (a. Synovial fluid in joints, b. Peritonial fluid c. Pericardial fluid d. Intraocular fluid e. Cerebrospinal fluid f. Cerebrospinal fluid g. Fluid in urinary tract )

Total content of body water:
A body of 70kg contains 40liters of water.
Intracellular fluid (ICF): 22liters (55%)

Composition of body fluids:
Organic substances
-          Glucose
-          Proteins
-          Amino acids
-          Hormones
-          Enzymes

Inorganic substances:

Tissue fluid: Fluid which found in interstitial tissue space known as tissue fluid. Along with lymph, tissue fluid is 20% of body weight. These tissue fluids situated in the center of cell and maintain connection with blood capillaries, tissue cells and lymph. Tissue fluid transfers nutritional content, gases and other metabolic end products.

Creating source of tissue fluid:
  1. Blood capillaries.
  2. Tissue (cells) activities.

Function of tissue fluid:
  1. Tissue fluid maintains cells necessity of nutrition.
  2. Tissue fluid also works as a store of water, salt, nutrition.

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