Iron deficiency anemia and anemia symptoms

Iron deficiency anemia is now a most prevalent nutritional disorder also including developed countries like USA. This kind of anemia mostly occurs in growing children,adolesent girl,pregnant and lactating women. In growing children,adolesent girl,pregnant women body needs extra energy for continuous growth and for energy body needs oxygen which is transeported by haemoglobin and iron is essential for formation of Haemoglobin . Iron is also essential for the formation of enzime for cellular oxydation.Several factors may contribute to iron deficiency anemia like inadequate intake or repeated pregnancies and hook worm infections. But strict vegetarians are more prone to this kind of anemia as rich source of iron are animal organ meats like liver,heart and kidney while the vegetarian foods are relatively low content of iron. The other manifestations include dull and inactive apathy,sluggish metabolic activities,retarded growth and loss of apatite. Iron deficiency anemia is characterized by microcytic hypocromic anemia with reduced blood haemoglobin levels <12gm/dl.


To prevent iron deficiency anemia we must know which food is the good source of iron.

Rich sources- Organ meats(Liver,Kidney,Heart).
Good sources- Leafy vegetables,pulses,cereals,fish,apples,dried fruits,molasses.
Poor sources- Milk,wheat,polised rice.


Adult man- 10-18mg/day
Child - 10-15mg/day
Pregnant and Lactation- 30-60mg/day

We can solve iron deficiency anemia taking perfect iron balanced diet.

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