How to vote for Sundarban- New7Wonders of Nature list

Please vote for our great natural beauty “Sundarban” as a member of natural seven wonders.Here find how to vote for Sundarban.If you don’t know how to vote for Sundarban It just is a grand chance for Bangladesh as well as for all Bangladeshis to broadcast their natural beauty to the world. For that Come to vote for Sundarban to make sure in list of 

New7Wonders of Nature.Besides Bangladesh it’s a honor for Indian natural beauty
 It is a antagonism of voting 7 new natural wonders in the earth. Of course it it will be a great honor for Bangladesh if Sundarban will be listed as a natural 7(seven)wonders of world.
It’s a very easy process to vote for shundarban …..just go then fill up the given form with your valid email address and password then send it.
If you are interested to vote with your mobile phone ,just type “SB” and send it to 16333. That’s all.
Please vote as much as you can and encourage other for voting.
We will publish the name of New7Wonders of Nature list as soon as the voting process will be finished.