Free HTML 5 tutorials with html codes n examples

If you are finding for a helpful Free HTML 5 tutorials with html codes n examples then myworld can help you. We just have started Free HTML tutorials with html codes n examples in our site.
Now we will discuss about our HTML tutorials part 1 as beginning.

<h1>It’s the heading of my 1st web page “MY WORLD”</h1>
<p>Here you will get famous paintings,sports news n so on </p>
<body bgcolor=”ffff33”>

Write the above code in notepad or text document and save the page as pagename .html
Now run the page, you will see your 1st web page like below…….
html tutorials

its the output of the code.

In the above code <html>  </html> means it’s a html web page.
The content have to put in <body>  </body> tag.

For webpage headline we have to use <h1>  </h1> or <h2>  </h2> or  <h3>  </h3>
For the page background color here we have used <body bgcolor=”ffff33”>
ffff33 the color code, you can use any color code as you like. You can use color name  if you don’t know the  color code just like <body bgcolor=”red”>or <body bgcolor=”green”> as well as <body bgcolor=”ffff33”>

Stay with us for the nest part , best wishes.
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